If You Have More than $1,500 in Your Checking Account, Make These 6 Moves

Congratulations on amassing $1000-$1,500 in your checking account! Doesn’t it feel great to not have to wonder if a check will clear or how many weeks you have left before your next paycheck? No more checking your bank account for the balance.

Now, it’s time to think about some medium and long term SMARTER goals you have and to set new ones. SMARTER stands for specific, measurable, aligned with your values, realistic, time-bound, exciting, and recorded. Here are some suggestions to invest, save, spend, and give.

Use a fractional stock company like Stockpile, which is great for setting up children’s’ accounts or for people who are not as comfortable investing. Or, invest in a whole stock company like Etrade to begin investing in companies. Also, you can invest in start-up companies through Wunderfund, a local investment company. Some companies you can invest in is Choice Trade, The Grocery Runners, and Champions of Diversity.

Earn money to shop for everyday products you use all the time while helping the environment. Melaleuca, The Wellness Company helps its preferred customers reach their goals. Also, check out the corona busting combination of products that include a hand sanitizer, an immune-boosting drink, and an antibacterial disinfectant spray. Sol-U-Guard Disinfectant is approved by EPA for use against coronavirus when used as directed! Plus, this solid midwestern company has an amazing referral rewards program!

Invest in a life insurance policy or burial plan to help ease the financial or emotional burden placed on your family in the event of your death.

Donate money to causes you care about deeply. My family has given to organizations in the social innovation arena, like Starfire, a company that seeks to eliminate social isolation among people with disabilities primarily through the attainment of a valued social role. Valued social roles usually result in experiencing the good things in life: experiencing respect, a sense of belongingness, making choices, making contributions, and sharing places (Five valued experiences, John O’Brien and Connie Lyle).

Pay off a chunk of your debt and automate your payments on your debt instrument so you don’t have to think about paying them off. A banker friend at Hunginton Bank once told me that it’s ok to have multiple checking accounts at different banks to pay off different types of things. For instance, your annual expenses can be funded at a local credit union account, like TruPartner, that you rarely tap into. Your monthly operational account can be a standard checking account at PNC, and so on.

Assess your higher finance credit card accounts to get out of those products by using a promotional 0.00% introductory rate credit card or a low-interest rate second mortgage or line of credit. There may be a small fee to apply to certain financial products.

Try any of these for putting your money to work for you! Watch the results!

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