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Personal Values Audit

Getting Things Done Productivity System

Extreme Self-Care System

Excellence-Based Living System

Release. Allow. Attract. Act. Resetting System

Effective Communications System

Personal Foundations System 

Leading in a Virtual Environment System

Cultural Awareness, Humility, and Competence System

Public Speaker


Danyetta is Ready to Make Your Next Event The Best One Yet!

Identifying Degrees and Distinctions to Your Life Success

Failing Forward: Using Life Experiences  When You're Stuck 

Mindfulness: The Art of Being Here Now

Resilience: Growing up in Chaos Can Have Positive Results

Asking for What You Want in Relationships, Job Interviews, and in the Workplace. *Assertiveness Training

Working in a Virtual Environment and Being Socially Connected During the Pandemic of 2020

Understanding How Cultural, Awareness and Humility Can Be an Asset to Your Work Environment and Your Life

Using Effective Communication to Get Your Ideas Across

It’s Time for Time Management

Recognizing the Value of Team Dynamics and Team Building

How to Effectively Manage Conflict in Your Work Environment and Beyond

Community Focused:

How to Be a Shiny Citizen

Leading with Your Strengths, Talents, Interests, Passions, Positive Affiliations, and Neighborhood to Make Your Community Stronger

ID/DD Field:
The Direct Support Professional as Leader

Making a Difference in the Lives of People With Intellectual Disabilities

Working with Families in Challenging Situations


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Basic Copyeditor. “I’ve got all of my book done, I just need someone to review it.”

Heavy/Line-by-line Copyediting.  “My book is basically written but I need help with where things should go for the flow.”

Substantive Copyediting. “I need major work on getting my book to come together.  I have general ideas but I need it to flow and I am not a writer so I’ll need help with grammar.”

Developmental Editing. “I have a book idea and need help getting it from concept to the actual book! I would be open to writing short essays to get my ideas to flow and possibly bringing them together for a book.  I’m also open to being interviewed to pull out key aspects of my book idea.”



"Keep Your Hat on So I'll Know You!"

Come back here often to find the wisdom of Danyetta's grandfather who raised her and her two sisters. Uncle Roscoe, as the family called him, was always ready to share a story about his life and tied it back to the listener's present circumstance.  We want you to feel his love, warmth, and guidance too!


L. Danyetta Najoli, M.A., CAP
Coach | Author | S
ocial Innovator 

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