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Excellence-Based Living Coaching Program

Excellence-Based Living Coaching Program

Excellence Based Living ProgramTM -  eCourse
Instructor: Coach Danyetta Najoli
Self-Directed; Self-Paced



Would you like to bring into clearer focus the life you were truly meant to have? Reach your life goals more quickly and effortlessly? Excellence-Based Living is a foundational attraction program that greatly improves the seven core areas of your life, including professional, spiritual development, and personal relationships.  Excellence-Based Living engages participants in relevant, challenging and thought-provoking exercises that result in a new level of personal success.


Course Objectives

After taking the Excellence-Based Living webinar , you will be able to:


  • Define success by your own terms.
  • Find out what truly excites you and how to repeat it again and again.  
  • Identify the pure motives behind your goals
  • Crystallize your thoughts and give insight to your own motivations. 
  • Perfect your goals and motives to allow those things you want to get in deep.
  • Integrate your new behaviors, attitudes, and newly discovered values to make positive changes.
  • Create specific actions that will automatically ensure you reach your goals and
  • Track your progress to determine whether you are still on the right path.


Program highlights


  • brings into clearer focus the ideal year you are meant to have


  • Includes the 8 core elements to designing your ideal year


  • Includes a workbook and self-assessments to help you gain a better understanding of yourself, talents, gifts, and possible career/life direction


  • Helps you reach your life goals more quickly and with greater ease  


  • engages you in challenging and insightful thought and mental exercise


  • includes real life practices


  • Can be applied to virtually any area of your life, including the seven major areas of life


  • your personal coach and webinar instructor will engage you in a meaningful, collaborative, and intentional process

This Program Designed For:


  • People who want thrive, not merely survive, this year


  • People who define success on their own terms


  • People who feel they are heading in a different direction than they have ever been before. 


  • People who are ready to do what it takes to have the year they know they deserve.



Excellence-Based Living TM

Eight Core Elements


Design Phase:

1. Design your abundant life

2. Identify your white-hot imperative

3. Identify the motive behind your goals

4. Create a journal

Implementation Phase:

5. Overlearn

6. Accelerate your learning

7. Identify your goal motive hook

8. Check course regularly

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