Habits of Successful People - Part Two

Last time I posted a blog, I shared my top habit for living a life of personally-defined success. I talked about how success is defined differently by different people but many would agree on these: such as a nice home, car, great paying job, a great spouse or partner, a solid education, financial stability, a way to express one’s faith, a way to express one’s creativity, a family, and healthy social life.

In addition to being willing to examine one’s self, here are more habits that I fine helpful in attracting a successful life:

  • Believing there is more than one way to do something

  • Remembering your basics - fundamental core values and beliefs

  • Finding ways to build community with people who are different from you

  • Tending to your mind, body, and spirit

  • Embracing life, not labels

  • Getting out of the comfort zone of staying in the boat

  • Developing a posture for momentum to happen

  • Being still and quiet to hear my next steps

  • Releasing, allowing, attracting, and acting (one of my signature coachiing approaches)

  • Any of the 8 elements in excellence-based coaching program

  • Any of the 40 keys to excellence-based living coaching cards

L. Danyetta Najoli is a professional mindset coach, author, and social innovator. For over 20 years, she has practiced minffulness and coaching people from all walks of life. | | 317-721-9087 voice

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