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Appreciating Our Own Story. Unique ≠ Better. Different ≠ Less Than.

This morning in my quiet time, I was reminded of a book I read, The Power of Uniqueness by Arthur Miller. This book talks about how our uniqueness can be quite valuable to ourselves and others. It also outlines the notion that we all have a motivational pay off that is unique to us and once we tap into that, we can become more self-motivated.

In my coaching practice, I find myself wondering what motivates us to act or not act. “What makes you unique? in what ways do you feel you are unique? What do you feel are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?“

Being unique simply means that you recognize they you have a certain way that you think, act, and feel - you are comfortable in your own skin. Being unique makes us different from another person. I’m the type of person who enjoys bringing joy to other people in freely given relationships. Part of my uniqueness is connected to that part of my personality.

Being unique doesn’t mean we are better than others. Being different doesn’t make us less than others. In fact, we all have something to offer others, our society, and even to the world.

At my church as a young adult, I often emceed large church anniversary services. One time, I recall saying, “Everyone has a story or testimony! If I could pass a mic around the entire church, I’m sure everyone would have a story to tell!”

The trouble is, sometimes we don’t understand our own story - our own sign posts, patterns, or responses to events and our own strong emotions. We have trouble making key connection points and that can have implications in how it plays out in our relationships, situations, and circumstances. When we take a step back and can see our lives from a wider view, we can better understand that our story has value and meaning to us. We can actually appreciate our story. Also, we don’t have to be tethered to our story, especially if it tends to have a negative and unproductive hold on our mindsets and perspectives.

Appreciating other people’s stories begin with first appreciating own stories - really appreciating it. All of it.

Reflection question: What’s one thing do you appreciate about your story/testimony?


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