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Danyetta Provides Highly Customized Individual and Small Group Coaching Through In-Person, Phone, and Video/Teleconferencing

Schedule Your Mindfulness Sessions Here:

Sessions are in a comfortable setting and last for 35 minutes.

Complimentary Mindfulness Sessions are on Thursday mornings at 10 am. 
Complete my contact info to RSVP and to receive session details.


1 session - $35

3 session bundle - $99

6 session bundle - $199

9 session bundle - $299

12 session bundle - $399



Signature Foundational Coaching Programs:
Excellence-Based Living
Release, Allow, Attract, Act (RACubed)
Designing Your Life Direction and Vision 


Reconciliation Programs:
Cultural Competency Initiative

Health Care Workers and Direct Support Professionals:
Building SuperReserves
Project CleanSweep
Annual Planner 
Coaching for the Highly Sensitive Person
Growing up in Chaos Can Have Positive Results

Workshop & Seminar Topics:


How to Be a Shiny Citizen
Mindfulness: The Art of Being Here Now
The  Art & Science of Empathy
Growing up in Chaos Can Have Positive Results
The Direct Support Professional as Leader
Making a Difference in the Lives of People With Intellectual Disabilities
Working with Families in Challenging Situations
Degrees and Distinctions to Community Building
Failing Forward: Using Life Experiences  When You're Stuck 

Other Topics For Groups and Teams:
Using Effective Communication to Get Your Ideas Across
Recognizing the Value of Team Dynamics and Team Building

How to Effectively Manage Conflict in Your Work Environment and Beyond

Understanding the Nature of Virtual Teams

It’s Time for Time Management

Understanding How Diversity Can Be an Asset to Your Work Environment
Failing Toward Success: How Mistakes Can Leave Clues to Learning

Understanding How Degrees and Distinctions of Change Can Move You Forward

Enjoy customized and tailored coaching including listening partnerships and co-creative collaborations on your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Hire Danyetta for your personal, professional, growth and development needs today!  

Removing Unhealthy & Toxic Chemicals from Your Home.

Watch this 5-minute video to learn about the way harmful household chemicals are affecting our lungs over time.  Password:  toxic.  If we haven't already talked about this, please contact me after viewing the short 5-minute video.
Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant approved by EPA for use against coronavirus when used as directed 

Enjoy eCourses and eBooks written by Danyetta Najoli. Hire Danyetta for your blog and social media writing needs.


Gather with other like-minded people who want to reset their lives, experience peace in regular rhythms, and be strengthened through a proven positive practice.


Read Danyetta's healthy lifestyles blog and learn how to make positive, life long changes around your health, your mindset and beliefs, shopping habits, and what you put on your fork!


L. Danyetta Najoli, M.A., CAP
Certified Personal Coach
P.O. Box 7112
Cincinnati, OH 45205 
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