Health Benefits of Red Onions: 4 Ways Red Onions Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Thanks to one of our blog followers, Monica, we are sharing this post: The use of onions for medicinal treatment of illnesses related to bacteria, viruses, fungus, and chronic disease dates back to Egyptian healing practices recorded centuries ago. However, red onions deserve special attention because they are one of the best sources of cancer-fighting nutrients that are limited in the modern American diet. Today researchers believe that up to 40% of cancers are preventable with a change in dietary habits alone. The compounds and dietary nutrients found in red onion are associated with a decrease risk in developing prostate, colorectal, stomach, and numerous other cancers. Read on to learn m

Meet Camielle, Not Your Average Gardener!

Last Wednesday, I visited Camielle who has a couple of garden beds and many buckets of seedlings!  It was worth spending a few minutes with her to hear how she grows vegetables!  One of her garden beds were made from cinder blocks!  Take a look at her new blog! She said it would be great to share with you!  Camielle’s New Gardening Blog Tell us what you think! Tori and Danyetta

Monica’s Clean Eating List

Clean Eating Food List Greetings Ladies, Some time ago I pulled and formatted a Clean Eating Food List. They are readily available on-line. I find it easier to deal with what I can have versus “don’t eat this”. Somewhere, I don’t know where, there is a swap this for that list. (That computer may have died a slow death long ago) I hope this helps as you continue your journey and encourage others on their’s.

Easy Hummus Recipe You’ve Ever Made!

Hi HealthStyles Community Members! Tori and I just created this basic blog to make it easier to send out short messages on healthy living and lifestyles! Today, we are sharing a basic hummus recipe that I made the other day!  My first attempt left it tasting a bit too lemony and garlicy!  So, I pulled back on both as you will see below. Tori tried my second batch of hummus and loved it!! If you make this hummus, Tori and I would love to know how you liked it!  Monica has already chimed in saying that Tahini is not necessarily needed to make hummus.  Although, I just like following the recipe first and then making variations after I’ve tasted the first batch. :-). Enjoy and we hope we can con


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