May 31, 2018

Learning is Transforming

The concept of a learning organization has always intrigued me ever since I studied the topic in graduate school.  A learning organization is a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. The concep...

January 3, 2018

This year, I'm very happy to announce the launch of the Najoli Learning System! This personal growth and development experience is designed to engage groups and teams in personal and professional success practices, year around! Every month, we provide free motivational...

April 22, 2017

Right before my transition away from Corporate America in 1998, I began to feel a small tug moving me toward something bigger than the job description I had been successfully fulfilling. I had an inkling, a nudge, that there had to be something more for me to do than,...

January 10, 2017

Happy New Year!

If you've made a New Year's resolution to yourself or others like the one in my headline title, you're not alone.  After all, most of us want to shorten the communication distance between ourselves and God or shorten the inches on our waistline!


October 25, 2016

Are you too connected to social media? Did you know there was a thing called FoMO or fear of missing out syndrome? Fear of missing out. ... Fear of missing out or FoMO is "a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is abse...

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January 3, 2018

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