Unstoppable Confidence: Sustaining a Posture for Success By L Danyetta Najoli

If you've ever doubted yourself for one second, this book is for you. If you have become cynical about other people's view of you when they tell you good things about yourself, this book is for you. Unstoppable Confidence gets to the core of your uniqueness and helps you gain the confidence and skills needed to sustain your confidence. The book is chock full of useful strategies on how to gain confidence in areas that seem insurmountable. Listeners will find the workbook-style approach helpful to reaching goals with ease. 

With an easy workbook format, Unstoppable Confidence will coach you at a pace that works for you. Coach Danyetta uses many of the topics in her book within her coaching sessions. They are proven to give you the results you are looking for in the area of confidence-building. 

Whether you work with people and you are in the middle of a changing job description— or you are being asked to assist others to build their community or "tribe" of people who share similar interests, Unstoppable Confidence will assist you in learning new skills to be better in your job! 

Unstoppable Confidence can also help you in many other areas of your life. Whether you are in a new relationship, a new parent, or getting ready to begin a new project, Unstoppable Confidence will give you the tools you need. Look for the bonus, Confidence Evaluator, which is designed to give you an assessment on your current level of confidence.

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So Can You!

Danyetta overcame living in the inner city in Harlem and childhood trauma and surpassed what people expected from her upbringing.  Today, Danyetta helps facilitate learning for her clients who make breakthroughs in their mindsets causing them to act successfully over and over again. And, success is how they define it!  Danyetta has created a method that takes into account the belief system and behavior of a person or group. It combines the skill set as well as the mindset which contributes to everyday actions. As a growth mindset and personal foundations coach, Danyetta believes in providing an oasis for busy people to pause, to reflect, and to tune in to their own greatness, fortitude, and resilience so that they can regroup for what's next for them.